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At Home PCR Test

At home PCR test


Please help us determine if the PCR test is valid or not.

Option 1


  1. Go to and order a test.  These will be covered by your insurance company. 

  2. Click on the $0 up front cost option.

  3. Click on the mild option.

  4. Click on the exposed or sick contact option.

  5. Click on the low risk option.

  6. Click on the Continue to Form Button

  7. Fill out your information and your test will be mailed out to you.



Option 2


  1. Click on this link for Amazon.

  2. Pay for the test.  You can order as many as you like.  The cost is $39.99 per test.

  3. Each test will have to be registered on

Instructions for the test.


Make sure to have someone record you taking a swab from a fruit or vegetable, then placing the swab into the vial and sealing the envelope for shipment.


Please email any positive test results to


We need all positive test results returned by 9/22/21


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