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The Patient Education Offered by a Chiropractor Near Fort Smith Arkansas

At Central Chiropractic, we want you to know that we are upfront about everything. You’ll never find hidden fees, surprise policy changes, or get taken for a ride. We went into this profession to offer to heal people in need.

Our chiropractor near Fort Smith Arkansas put together this patient information center to help you get a better understanding of our practice and what we can offer for you. Our commitment to your needs is why we are the leading chiropractic in Alma Arkansas.

We are often asked about our insurance policies. Our practice does not use the insurance system to offer care. Visits to our office come in at $25. Each and every visit to our center only costs $25. You’ll never find surprise charges or hidden fees with us. No more worrying about hearing back about charges from your insurance provider weeks or months down the line either. With us, everything is upfront.

We also get asked about referrals. At our chiropractor near Fort Smith Arkansas, you’ll never need a referral. You are free to just walk right into our treatment center to get the help that you need. While no prior referrals are needed, we are happy to work with your healthcare team to ensure you have the best treatment possible.

When you first step into our chiropractic in Alma Arkansas, you will go through a quick assessment and intake designed to give our team the information we need to offer you treatment. We can help you with all of your chronic pain needs.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services.

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